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If you find any error or any inaccurate information within this website (or know of other conflicting evidence), please email me (please include the source of information, where appropriate).


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02/July/2008 (the 15th anniversary of the 1st Speed Camera in Thames Valley).


Mr Dave Finney.

Electronics engineer.

No speed camera points.

Car and motorcycle.

Me alone except for RBW&M which was commisioned by RBW&M councillors.

Me alone including RBW&M which I evaluated free of charge.

1) I will request Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership (the people who operate the cameras) verify that my data (from their official website) is correct, that I’ve added the numbers up correctly, calculated appropriate correction factors, that my graphs and spreadsheets are accurate and complete and that I’ve come to reasonable conclusions. Corrections will be made as required. They employ full-time professional data analysts so this should be relatively easy.

2) I will investigate the possibility of "peer review" to verify data, analysis and conclusions.

3) You! Please check EVERYTHING in this report for youself. All the data presented here is provided by the DfT or the Safety Camera Partnerships themselves with links given. Don't take anyone's word for it, please check everything for yourself!


I have tried to ensure that this website only contains evidence and competent analysis, and that everything is presented honestly, without any opinions or politics (so far as that is possible).


I do not consider myself to be an "anti-camera campaigner" but I reluctantly campaign for:


1) honesty regarding the effects of speed cameras on road safety and

2) proper testing of the effects of speed cameras on road safety (scientific trials).


I say "reluctantly" because competent, accurate and honest road safety analysis is the responsibility of the authorities, yet they have been either unable or unwilling to do the job we all pay them to do. That is why this website exists.